How to come: 

The Museum is located at the entrance of the village of Axos when you come from the route Rethymno-Perama-Garazo (45 km), and vice versa at the exit when you come from the route Heraklion-Anogia (43 km). Axos has traditional accommodation units and high quality taverns (Enagron, Yakinthos, Ellinospita, Tavern Axos).


Available outside the Museum or thirty meters far.

Axos offers traditional accommodation and taverns of high quality (Enagron, Yakithos, Ellinospita, Tavern Axos), as well as many café nearby.

Winter Museum times :

Monday-Saturday CLOSED

Sundey  10am – 5pm

Tickets prices:

Students: 3 €
Adults: 5 €

Group visits after arrangements

Address :

Axos Milopotamou, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece
Tel. 6937691387