The combing

Mary Koutantou or Kokolomaria, daughter of Nikolaos Dafermos and Pelagia Mavraki, was born on March 1, 1909 in Axos. At least this is what it is written in the archives but maybe she was born some years earlier because that time they did not keep accurate records. She was sister of Alexandra, Basil and John. She married Dimitri Koutanto or Tsakalodimitri and gained 8 children: Helen, John (my father), Michael, Chrisoula, Hariklia, Diamanta, Demosthenes and Stavros. Throughout her life she worked hard indoors and outdoors.

Especially she found great pleasure to go out in nature to work in gardens, grazing sheep and picking herbs, asparagus etc. She had a full life with great joys and great sorrows. She was helping all of us till the end of her life when she died in 2002 at the age of 95 years or more.

I took the photo, which later I used to make the sculpture, when I was in high school and watched a black-white photography course. On that day my grandmother had and bathe, because she could not lift up her hands, had bent her head. I liked to keep that moment in a photo and later in a sculpture