St. George of Dioskouri

This sculpture is influenced by the icon of Saint George and it is currently located at the Monastery of Dioskouri, 2 km from Axos on the way to the village ‘Livadia’. The real dimensions of the icon are much smaller than the sculpture.

Like many other icons throughout Greece it is ‘covered’ by the offerings of the pilgrims. The donor of this picture was the Bishop of Rethymno and Avlopotamou Kallinikos Nikoletakis the year 1832. Its particularity is that when a person suspects that someone else has stolen him/her or has done something bad, then s/he invites the suspect to go to confess on the icon that s/he is innocent.

If the suspect accepts to confess s/he is free of any suspicion immediately, otherwise it is like admitting guilt. Nobody gets false oath because the tradition says that something bad will happen to him/her or his/her family. The people of the region narrate that a Turkish Pasha made a false oath and leaving the monastery ‘lost’ his eye…

A shepherd who had devoted a lamb to St. George of the Monastery and after refused to fulfil the promise, on the day the nominal feast of St. George all his herd went on their own into the monastery. Most confessing regards the robbery of lambs and goats in the mountain of Psiloritis.